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Miyabi 5000 FCD kokkekniv 16 cm

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Miyabi 5000 FCD kokkekniv 24 cm

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Miyabi 5000 FCD urtekniv 9 cm

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Miyabi 5000 FCD urtekniv 11 cm

Specialpris 899,00 DKK

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Miyabi 5000 FCD kokkekkniv 20 cm

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Very nice cook knife from Miyabi - here in a version of 20 cm, which must be said to be the perfect size, and at the same time the most popular knife in the series. 

The chef knife is always good for cutting meat and vegetables. 

The blade is made of 49 layers of steel and the steel has a hardness of 61 Rockwell.

Shafts are really nice in dark packing wood which gives a natural and exclusive look. 

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